We are a group of motivated individuals based in UIUC
Pushing student innovation with apps
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Our past and ongoing projects.


Splitting your bills has never been easier.


You don't need to know music to write some.


Try it! As playable and challenging as chess.

Weather Map

Perfect for road trips. Touch the weather nearby.

Paper Plane

Brings target and focus into your social experience.

Our Team

We build stuff. Period.

Kedan Li

Lead iOS, Product Artisan

Yu Wang

Front-end, iOS, UX

Suji Yan

Front-end, Design

Yifei Teng

Back-end, DevOps

Xiaohang Yu

Back-end, Infrastructure, Android

Zhongzhi Yu

Back-end, Android

Hong Lin

Back-end, Front-end

Ziyao Wang


Sida Li

Computer Vision, Backend

Yilin Ma

Audio Expert, Frontend

We are a closely-knit team always eager to learn from each other. In the meantime we welcome anyone interested to join us. Simply shoot one of the members an e-mail and we'll talk!


Our story.

  • November 2014


    We began as a group of five students studying at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, majoring either in computer science or in engineering.

  • February 2015

    There is Takefive

    We were such an effective team, so an organization is born to defy conventions and explore advanced technologies. The five of us collaborated to realize bold ideas.

  • Now

    More Innovators Converge

    Takefive now comprises more than five students. We've attracted many like-minded students with the common passion of creating impressive products and who yearn for other brilliant minds. We readily welcome more of them (you).

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